WetLook Bridal Fight

WetLook Bridal Fight;


Jade and Kaydens have been best friends since childhood but then there was the text. This teen bride finds out her maid of honor has been cheating with the groom. The girls break into an all out catfight in public ending in the pool. In the struggle the girls fight for breath underwater in a fury of bubbles. The girls realize that the real secret is their lesbian love and end up making out underwater.


The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit;

Alice : How long is forever?

The White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second.

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Follow new girl Bonnie, down the rabbit hole into Underwater Land. This is Bonnie`s first ever fetish or video shoot but she overcomes her shyness in public as she seduces us with her cute petite body and long blonde hair. No wonder Alice followed The White Rabbit down the hole. She was lured by the most adorable set of pink nipples.

“When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!” —Chapter 4, The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill

Alice follows The White Rabbit down the rabbit hole to UnderWater Land.



Wet Summer Blues

Wet Summer Blues;

wetsummer07Amy gets hot and tipsy at a BBQ and comes upstairs to cool down. Watch in awe as this perfect blonde babe bounces around, twerking, drinking, and spilling her wine cooler all over her button down and daisy duke jean shorts. Drenched and excited she busts lose of her clothes revealing a red micro bikini. Soon even the bikini can`t hold in her sexy wetness and she lies naked moaning on the couch. Stay tune for the hardcore extended version coming soon to CustomVideoGirls.

By far the sexiest country girl you`ve ever seen, Amy glistens as she dances, strips, teases, and feels herself.


Celebrate independence day with this All American Beauty. We don’t have fireworks but Amy is a fire cracker. Shining hotter than a sparkler, she glistens after pouring a wine cooler over her luscious breasts.


This is the first edit collaboration in which Alana takes footage from Mr. MG’s vault to create you own SexyWetBabe music video.