Fountain University

Alana is a stressed University student in need of some cold water training to relax. After biking around campus she takes a WetLook dip in the public fountain. A long strong tower in the background compliments the wetness she feels in the cool hole of the ever squirting spouts. Watch as she strips and dips her toes finally showing of her dripping bush to the public campus. 

Fountain hopping has always been a grand tradition, but is it Kinky? I bet you didn’t even know Wet was a thing. Good thing Alana is a the social coordinator of Kardinal Kink and a fetish ambassador here to teach anyone about the beautiful world of WetLook.

Bathtub Bondage

Alana is trapped by a sadistic voyeur who`s greatest pleasure is to watch this helpless babe struggle. Bound and tapped to the bath tub, she gasps for air, unable to escape this wet predicament. Finally breaking free of her bounds, Alana discovers the sensual pleasure of her wet panty hose and dress. As her perfect form glistens in this astounding wet black dress, Alana presses herself agains the glass.

Stay tuned for the bonus rope play at the end.



Shampoo Away the Dirty

Alana and Madison have been dirty dirty girls rolling around in the pig`s mud pit for Mud Babes part 1 & 2 on SexyMessyBabes.

But now they gotta get cleaned off. Sensually shampooing each other`s long hair. Madison even convinces Alana to take off her shirt in a rare implied nude. Watch as these hot babes run water all over their slick bodies. They may be trying to get clean but these two girls will make you wanna get dirty all over again.

Slippery Vixen

Alana is taking a foxy walk through the woods in her cowgirl boots and leather skirt when she get`s shot by a photographer with a foot fetish. Outdoors in the Redwood forest, this babe has to strip down and oil up teasing the whole park with her perfect feet. She sensually rubs down her toes, legs, arms and ass before pouring globs of slippery oil all over her immaculately made up face. Smudging her lip sick, Alana is finally slick enough to slip away from her captor. All he`ll have left of this slippery vixen are her hot wet photos.

Breath Taking Hot Tub

Alana is on vacation in Hawaii when she meets up with a true underwater babe Bunny, who`s a professional free diver. The girls relax in the public hotel hot tub after shooting their underwater peril clip `Deep Sea Bunny` (available upon request).

Bunny wants to show off her breath holds and perfect body in her sexy bikini top and wet leggings. The public embraces this babe, attracting other tourists who watch close up and personal as Alana films her delicate features. With an impressive 01:36.24 breath hold, Bunny arouses the interest of a few older women who full heartedly encourage the girls to embody their inner goddess.